SIGNATURE FACIAL (60 mins) $120

This facial is for any skin type including clients with sensitive skin. This facial will start with a skin analysis, steam and double cleanse, customized physical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, or enzymatic exfoliation, targeted masques, serums and moisturizer specific to your skin. Includes  facial hot towel and shoulder massage.

Acne Solution Treatment Facial (90 minutes) $160

This facial is ideal for clients who want to focus on treating acne prone skin. This includes open and closed comedone congested skin. This facial starts with our signature facial in combination with extractions and LED light treatment (to minimize inflammation + bacteria). Includes  facial hot towel and shoulder massage.

Anti aging rejuvenating Facial (90 Mins) $220

This facial is not for clients who currently have active breakouts. Ideal for clients with skin concerns such as loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles. This facial includes triple exfoliation to revitalize and restore dull complexion. Using our power multivitamin to exfoliate, detoxify and nourish, this facial will leave the skin with a more luminous and resilient complexion. Includes facial, neck, and scalp massage.


Chemical peels is ideal for clients with any skin concerns (dull, textured, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, hyper-pigmented skin, and uneven skin tone). Chemical peels combines ingredients to reduce any targeted concerns including reducing signs of aging. 


This facial is good for all skin types but is ideal for clients with sensitive skin. Using nano needling, this facial smooths and brightens with physical exfoliation. This facial hydrates and plumps the skin using LED treatment to deliver hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides into the skin. This facial can increase collagen and elastin while addressing sensitive skin. Includes scalp and neck massage. 


For best results, we recommend a series of 3-6 treatments every 4 weeks with maintenance treatment twice a year. This facial requires additional products to be used at home post treatments, which we will include in a take home kit. This facial is a minimally invasive treatment that transforms the look and feel of damaged skin. During this treatment, topical numbing will be used and micro needles will penetrate the upper layer of the skin to create micro tears. These micro injuries stimulate the creation of new collagen in the skin and promote skin cell regeneration. Over the course of several treatments, with each healing process the overall appearance of the skin will improve to reveal healthier looking skin, this can include the minimization of fine lines and wrinkles, large pores and reducing scarring. 

Ultra Bright Chemical Peel (60 minutes) $160

This chemical peel with lactic acid is for those who may have uneven skin tone and want to correct this concern. This facial can help reduce melasma, sun damage, and pigment discolorations from acne.

Power Clear Peel (60 minutes) $160

This chemical peel with salicylic acid reduces breakouts and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  This is ideal for clients who want to reduce excessive oil and acne prone skin.

Advanced Renewal Peel (60 minutes) $160

This chemical peel with glycolic acid targets in reducing the appearance of fine lines and to correct uneven skin tone.

Age Reversal Peel (60 minutes) $160

This chemical peel with TCA formulates to minimize the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. This can reduce signs of hyperpigmentation and to brighten dull skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin or for clients who never had chemical peels. This is ideal for those who already had our other chemical peel treatments before. 

Body Care

Glow Body Scrub (60 MINUTES) $250

Polish your skin with our signature body scrub therapy. This treatment will start out with a 15-minute full body scrub in our body tub with your choice of aromatherapy oil. Custom body scrub will be applied for exfoliation and detoxification of dead skin and to increase circulation. Hot towels and lotion will be applied to finish the treatment.

Glow Body Scrub + Radio Frequency Machine (105 MINUTES) $300

This treatment starts out similarly to our Glow Body Scrub but with an additional step using the radio frequency machine. Radio Frequency is often used for skin tightening, which can give you a more youthful appearance. The heat from the RF machine will also penetrate deep into your skin to stimulate production of collagen, elastin and new skin cells.


This back Treatment
Beneficial in cleaning those tough to reach spots, targeting a variety of skincare needs such as: clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin.
This treatment customization depend on skin need, with new techniques used while performing treatments and incorporate deep cleansing, extractions, and purifying masks.


BROW WAX (15 mins) $20

Includes: brow wax, trim, shaping

Brown wax and Tint (30 minutes) $50

Includes brown wax, trim,shaping and tint

FULL FACE WAXING (30 mins) $50

Includes: brows, upper lip, lower lip, chin sideburns.

HALF ARM (20 mins) $30

Includes arm only from elbow down to the wrist

CHIN WAX ( 15 MINS ) $30

Includes jawline

FULL ARM (30 mins) $45

Includes full arm from shoulder to wrist only


Includes hands and finger knuckle waxing

UNDERARM WAX (15 mins) $30

Full underarm hair removal

HALF LEG WAX (20 mins) $50
FULL LEG WAX (40 mins) $80

Includes full leg from thigh to the ankle

CHEST WAX (20 mins) $45

Includes decolletage and chest only

BACK WAX (40 mins) $80

Includes full back only

STOMACH WAX (20 mins) $50

Includes full stomach only

BIKINI LINE WAX (20 mins) $35

Bikini line is just the sides and a strip off the top

BIKINI + (35 mins) $60

Includes all hair from front and back, including the butt strip to be waxed.


Perfect post-treatment to pair up with Brazilian or bikini full wax. This is a facial for your most intimate areas to relieve dry flaky skin, bumps, ingrown hair and much more. Includes: cleanse, exfoliation, extractions of ingrown hair, mask and moisturizer



Brow tint is a semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your eyebrow hair. Lasts around 4-6 weeks!


LASH LIFT & TINT (60 mins) $150

Removal Of Skin Irregularities

( Need Consultant and see in person )
Removal Of Skin Irregularities


High-frequency current delivers electrical sparks through a micro-probe at different  amplitudes to dehydrate the  skin area. It removes skin imperfections permanently  in one session. This safe treatment can remove numerous types of kin imperfections .